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Friday, June 03, 2005
26 more days and its a lovely day in adelaide!

got out of the house to do "something" and met a couple of people along the way. adelaide's just too small! it's like everywhere you go you're bound to bump into someone you know. i was waiting for the traffic light to turn green when i heard elsa and nicole calling me from afar. nicole left after that and i followed elsa to hungry jacks for a bit of a chat... she had only 10 minutes to finish her lunch because she was rushing for work. oh well... i like observing people and picking up stuff that people say... i was waiting for elsa to grab lunch, standing there minding my own business.. when this teen came up to the hungry jacks counter and asked if he could order a big mac.... bwahahaha! i was standing next to him too... i wanted to laugh but could not.. it would have been very rude to... i kept staring at elsa to see if i could find any sort of confirmation from her that she too had heard it... but i don't think she did... bleah.. anyway the counter lady gave the guy this funny look and said "ermmm we're not mac donalds?" seriously... cannot make it!

hahaha... alright! later i'm in rundle mall... appreciating the sights and sounds... observing people as i walk towards "somewhere"... when this bright red sign pasted everywhere caught my attention... SALE!!! WHERE?! FCUK! i walked passed it and took a couple of steps back later to peep at the sale items... and saw that they had divided the store into non sale items and sale items.. how organised and efficient! i wasn't in rundle to shop... so i walked on and got to "the place" ... bought "the stuff" and made my way home after lunch... unfortunately, i made a detour... and walked into fcuk... and walked out again with this big red bag with sale printed all over it.. i bought a cap... i don't know who to give it to... but i've narrowed it down to 2 acjc classmates... if not then my cousin rachel's christmas present is settled.

i felt so broke and withdrawed some cash at the atm... with my big fat red bag.. i walked back to ted's where i had earlier sent some pictures for printing... i can't wait for sunday to hand over the pictures to lucky's mom...

and my first online purchase has arrived... i'm listening to it now... it's funny stuff!

well... last night's attempt to identify the people who read my blog.. has failed. total nonsense!

The lighting was just right at 1:01:00 pm

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