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Thursday, June 09, 2005
i'm sorry but i've been slowing down the transfer speed with the multitude of songs i've been downloading off limewire.

i think my music taste has gone off tangent for the past few weeks. i have a few set playlists on my computer and lately i've been coming back to the same playlist. everyday i download new stuff and add to it. basically, most of these songs are very much alike to the songs that they play on class95. soothing and relaxing... i find them very refreshing as compared to the stuff i usually play... alternative, a little bit of rock etc. maybe the cause for all this is the exams or maybe i'm just growing up and my music taste is maturing.
i'm starting to like music by 'simply red'. it's funny.. many years back i hated their music but now 'stars' and 'sunrise' are like my favourites. i'm either always thinking back or thinking too far ahead into the future... or otherwise i'm thinking about some moment in time.. non-existent... just an idealistic thought that i somehow conjured. i'm amazed by the amount of wisdom found in ecclesiastes.. i know every book in the Bible contains wisdom.. but it is in ecclesiastes that i find answers to questions that lie deep down inside... too deep that no words can express them. yah well.. its weird eh.. i can talk about music and suddenly divert my thoughts to the Bible. haha!

and joyce has proposed that i fedex myself to the UK... i'll keep that thought.. i will... she'll be my sponsor afterall ;)

The lighting was just right at 11:06:00 am

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