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Sunday, June 05, 2005
i've got the flu.

cold started yesterday... sore throat in the middle of the night... and a terrible splitting headache this morning. i didn't have a good night's sleep either and i have really bad eye bags now.

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i had to wake up early this morning as i had to prepare for sunday school and today i led sunday school for the first time. i had no energy when i got to church but when the kids started to walk into class i was suddenly full of life and was ready to jump and to be jumped on. the kids are great and today i had a record of nine kids in the class. before, i was praying that only three would appear and thank God i pulled through today. taught the kids about the bit about our daily bread in the Lord's prayer and they seem to have understood so i was quite pleased. as a sunday school teacher i have to take authority and today i overcomed some of my fears. when i first started out as a helper i was scared to discipline the kids they were just too adorable. so i survived and only got away with a paper cut. michelle on the other hand... hmmmm... how's this?! she had a kid sitting on her face, got kicked and damaged her spects! poor girl but it was also very hilarious to watch... i'm laughing as i type this! hahaha!

blah! anyway i'll be doing sunday school again next week... GOD HELP ME! sunday school teachers normally walk out of the class feeling discouraged and exhausted.. it's a tough job but when i look at trang, anushka, ben, eddie and joseph... all have done sunday school many times before... i feel that it is indeed good preparation for parenthood and admire them for the love and patience that they each give to the kids. not that i need it now but that's just how i feel and i guess the kids do teach us important lessons in life as well.

one more thing i've learnt! i'm never ever going to have nine kids... i would prefer to have one boy and one girl. first child a girl and second a boy... i look at clara and colin.. they have such a loving sister and brother relationship. and the same goes for joyce and her brother sam... no sibling rivalry or anything! and two kids are better than one... i know how it feels to be the only child.. it's not very nice. those with siblings... be thankful.

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