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Sunday, June 12, 2005
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sunday school was aweful today. amy getting upset over her sister jessica. goodness! i almost wanted to give her a warning for her bad behaviour. she was always running to one corner and fuming away with her head down and her arms crossed. but nevermind! God gave me a solution! you know you can never go wrong when you tell a girl how pretty she looks and how her smile brightens up the day... hahaha!

"hey amy... i'll tell you what! i'll go get my camera and we'll go to one corner to photograph you.. ok!"


"come on amy! you have such a pretty face!" "oh! i see a smile and what a beautiful smile that is!"

amy tries to hide her face...
"NO! i have an ugly face!"

"no you don't! you are beautiful! God created you and he loves you! we all do!"

amy looks up... smiles. i brush her hair away... i take her hand and she leaves her corner! hooray! praise the Lord!

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well she threw a tantrum a couple of times and each time i had to remind her that she was beautiful. class was ending soon... she was talking to johanna and i think they had some miscommunication problem. so she goes to her chair and starts fuming again.

"no one loves me!"

"amy! God loves you! we all love you!"

i look at johanna... "isn't that right johanna?"

johanna looks up "yes amy! i love you!"

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... can cry already!

"johanna! i think amy needs a hug!"

johnanna stops her colouring and hugs amy... alisha follows too "amy i love you!"

sunday school was horrible.. let me repeat that! but awwww.. the kids! they can either break your day/back or make your day...

like last week.. i was teaching them about our daily bread and how we should thank God for it....

"so kids! what should we do when we receive our daily bread from God!"

kids raise their hands..

"yes johanna!"

johanna answers.. "spread butter on it?"
jessica adds on.." yeah and then jam!"

The lighting was just right at 4:24:00 pm

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