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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
i love my grandparents!

and i think the best NDP that they've ever come up with is 'Home'. i still remember singing it on the mgs field in sec4 during national day celebrations.

hiya... all songs titled home are nice lah. home can be anywhere.. a country does not have to be beautiful, politically correct or wealthy to be called home. home is where you'll know you'll find a big smile waiting for you when you arrive home from a hard day's work, a loving family that embraces you, a group of friends that understand you etc. thinking about it... i don't think i can see myself pushing a grocery cart in Kmart in the US (wet markets rule! and add a little bit of culture), taking out in the UK (even though i love the place) or be a stay-at-home after 5 in the afternoon in australia. as of now.. home is still singapore. not perfect in many ways... job prospects don't look so good.. the job market is bursting and people don't have much of a choice sometimes... example ME! but i don't really care now... i've been blessed with a loving family and a bunch of friends that are very dear to me... that's what really matters. throw the ministry of evil away.. i think their policies are crap! but what did i get from going into a intensely stressful learning environment? classmates and friends.. that have gone through the same hardship and pain... stress draws us closer.. and a stressful environment makes zaoing school even more fun! the way i see it.. there is always a plus side to every minus... usually they don't balance out but still there is this little hope that things will indeed turn out well. then there are the taxi drivers that can't drive... you'll find them all around the world (shanghai cabbies... seriously cannot make it).. and very nice taxi drivers do exist in singapore and you can address them as uncle or auntie (very rare but lady taxi drivers do exist)...and what else? oh the govt! they always wear white... sometimes i think they look ridiculous but they run the country... corrupted? not corrupted? i can't say.. but from the looks of it.. we're doing better than any other asian country. sure! we're not the richest country in the world but how rich should a country be? rich enough to help poorer countries? maybe if we weren't that rich those poor countries wouldn't be poor... all this because there is always a limited supply of money... but then again we always are in a budget surplus and that's good... the govt can propose an expansion anytime it wants. we have clean roads, well maitained buildings.. blah blah blah... almost looks too good and we should be thankful we have these things. we are just an ungrateful lot and its really up to God to bless us whereever we are... i don't think i'm making any sense here... but ahh i'm just trying to kill time. i should be studying but the end of the week is coming for me... with one more lecture tomorrow.. and i think i'm exhausted. the music i listen to really affects what i blog.. goodness

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