Daisy Cheng
Photographers are recorder keepers for God.
Thursday, August 18, 2005
i've not been updating my blog...

ah well i've been searching around for a photoblog... and i'm downloading JAlbum right now. with the banana album skin it should look really nice but for now i'm going to have to make do with http://stephlee.phototage.com

got to take more pictures though... but i need time and someone to accompany me on my photography shoots. it's no fun going alone and not safe too. especially at night. i think the uni looks very pretty at dusk and in the evening when they light up the buildings. when my mom visits in september i'm going to drag her down to the beach... i've seen pictures of the sunset at the beach and its beautiful.

uni has been good. tiring too. and 2 weeks more and i'm half done with the semester. everything's moving too fast i think but at the same time i guess its good in a way. i don't know.

The lighting was just right at 9:53:00 pm

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