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Saturday, February 25, 2006

i'm in adelaide right now. the weather's lovely... warm and breezy in the day and cool at night.

i've got the fringe festival just across the road from where i live... it only comes around every two years. so yeah its pretty packed and crowded outside. many people getting drunk and tipsy.

its in fact an arts festival... and we have performances here by many international artiste. we were at ryndmill not too long ago. stood there for an hour with the rest of the crowd to watch this english guy juggle a chain-saw, knives and a torch... while eating an apple and balancing on a bicycle 22 feet above ground. we should see many more performers on the street this week.

anyway... its only been a day. i didn't get enough sleep on the plane and thought i'd crash after arriving home here in adelaide. but i didn't. took a quick shower. changed out from my acjc fun-o-rama t-shirt (yeah i wore that on the plane) and changed into this t-shirt i had asked takashi to help me get. pretty cool... its a stop violence against women t-shirt from amnesty where he works.

and i was glad to make a new friend on the plane back. she made me feel better about leaving singapore. while i get to go back in july she has to remain in australia for the next 2 years of her life. she's applying to be an aust PR afterall.

i've more or less settled in. i've thrown out the 2005 calendar and have replaced it with my simpsons 365 day trivia calendar. clara gave it to me at christmas. well.. just as well. its a new year.. i should actually be at a photoshoot right now for the singapore association but i've decided to stay at home tonight. i'll go tmr. i didn't bring my tripod with me this year... and i'll be shooting less this year.. especially this semester. its very crucial that i put all my energy into this economics degree. i've even set aside some extra reading for myself as well. but no.. i won't stop dreaming... i won't stop visioning... photography is really part of me. mom advised/nagged not to bring my albums but i did anyway and so too the only echo magazine with three of my pictures that appeared in this month's issue. they make me happy afterall.

photography + economics

i'd like to master both.

The lighting was just right at 8:28:00 pm

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